Birthday Special: The first marriage was broken in a week, this is how Shahid Kapoor’s mother became Supriya Pathak

Bollywood’s serious actress Supriya Pathak, known as Hansa Bhabhi among the audience from the TV serial Khichdi, is counted among such Bollywood actresses whose acting is exemplified by people. Supriya Pathak’s TV serial ‘Khichdi’, who did selected films, is still the first choice of the audience, Supriya started her career in 1981 with the film ‘Kalyug’. Supriya has completed 40 years in Bollywood. Before joining Bollywood, Supriya was a theater artist. He is also a great Bharatnatyam dancer. So today on the occasion of his birthday, we tell you some interesting things related to his life…

Supriya married her mother Dina Pathak’s friend’s son at the age of 22, but the marriage broke up within a year. After this, in 1986, Supriya met Pankaj Kapur. At that time Pankaj Kapur was divorced from his first wife Neelima Azim. Today Supriya and Pankaj are one of the most popular couples in the film world. When both of them met, both were going through difficult times at that time.

It was some time before 1986 when Supriya had shifted from Mumbai to Ahmedabad after completing her PhD. There he met the son of a friend of his mother Dina Pathak. Both fell in love and got married. At that time Supriya was 22 years old. After a week of marriage, Supriya’s life changed completely.

Within a week, Supriya and her husband realized that both of them had made a big mistake by getting married. At a young age, Supriya somehow passed a year but after that her husband and they got divorced from each other without any quarrel. Supriya returned to Mumbai. In 1986, 24-year-old Supriya met Pankaj Kapur for the first time on the sets of a film in Bathinda.

Both were working together in a film named ‘Agala Mausam’. On the other hand, Pankaj Kapoor’s marriage of 9 years was also broken. He had separated from his first wife Neelima Azim. Pankaj’s three-year-old son Shahid stayed with his mother Neelima. Pankaj and Supriya met in the very next year of divorce, their wounds were green, so the closeness between the two increased.

After some time Supriya understood that she would not be able to spend even a moment without Pankaj. After the shooting was over, Pankaj was on his way to Punjab to meet his parents. Supriya did not want to leave things half-finished, so she asked Pankaj to come back and call her. When Pankaj reached back to Mumbai, he called Supriya. Both understood that now is the time to take the relationship forward.

Both dated each other for 2 years. Supriya was completely ready for the second marriage but Pankaj had something else in mind. Pankaj did not want any decision to be taken in haste. They wanted him to get to know Supriya completely before joining for the rest of her life. Both were very attached to their values, so the question of being in live-in never arose.

Both wanted children and it became clear that they had to get married. Both reached to talk to their parents, but here too the matter did not work out. Pankaj’s family members had adopted Supriya quickly, but Supriya’s mother Dina Pathak wanted Supriya to refuse this marriage after hearing all kinds of possibilities and stories.

Supriya did not give up and eventually both got married in 1989. However, with time, the relationship between Dina and Pankaj also improved and they adopted Pankaj. There were talks between the two about their first marriage, but those things never came in the way of their relationship. Supriya had also opened many secrets about Pankaj in an interview.

Supriya believes that the basic mantra behind a successful marriage is to act wisely. There should be no ego between the two and each other’s point of view should also be understood. Both Pankaj and Supriya believe that restraint, trust and responsibility matter in marriage. Partner changes with time, so you should also be ready for it.

Supriya had told in the interview that for her Pankaj is the best person in the world. He is very dedicated towards every relationship, work and life. Seven-year-old Pankaj did not let him lack even that love. Supriya and Pankaj have two children, Sana Kapoor and Ruhaan Kapoor. But Supriya also considers her stepson Shahid as her own son. There is a lot of rapport between the two and Shahid lives as a part of their own family.

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