BJP eyes on Mayawati’s vote

Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati’s condition seems to be neither Khuda Mila nor Visale Sanam. On the other hand, BJP has started making a dent in his vote. Because of her close campaigning with the BJP, the Muslims got away from her, so now the BJP is trying to break Mayawati’s core vote by putting forward its Jatav leaders. Anyway, this time in the assembly elections, Mayawati’s party does not seem to be fighting very vigorously and in all the pre-poll surveys, BSP is being shown marginalized along with the Congress. up election BJP Mayawati

However, the BJP has shifted its focus to the non-Yadav backward and Dalit vote amid the aggressive consolidation of Yadav and Muslim votes and the anger of the Jats. Earlier it was being said that BJP is doing politics only to keep the non-Jatav Dalit vote connected with it, but now BJP has started aggressive politics with Jatav vote also. If the Jatavs break, it will be very difficult for the already marginalized Mayawati. BJP is trying to get at least 50 per cent Jatav votes.

Keep in mind that out of the total Dalit population of Uttar Pradesh, half the population is of Jatav, that is, about 10 percent are Jatav. This vote is the strength of Mayawati. BJP has engaged former governor Baby Rani Maurya to break this vote. Earlier he was sent as the governor of Uttarakhand but it did not help much. Now bringing it from there, he has been engaged in the work of the organization. The party has projected her as a Jatav face and she is holding election meetings in different areas.

In fact, the biggest problem for the BJP is in western Uttar Pradesh, where the Jats are angry with it. The Jatav population is the largest in this area and the Muslims are also the largest in this area. If Jats and Muslims vote together and Jatavs are completely aligned with Mayawati then it will be very difficult for BJP. Keeping this in mind, the BJP central government has announced to withdraw the disputed agricultural laws. With the help of this, Jat voters will be defeated and Mayawati’s core vote will be dented by moving Jatav faces.

Shivam Bangwal

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