Blue whale game returned again, suicide game killed 18-year-old in Nashik, Maharashtra

New Delhi: We all have heard the name of Blue Whale game. Some time ago a game came which took the lives of many children. Some children are still playing this game and going to death. One such case has come to light from Nashik, Maharashtra. Where on Friday 31 December 2021, an 18-year-old youth committed suicide. According to sources, the boy was playing the online blue whale game, which has been at the center of many other suicide cases in the past as well.

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Challenges for more than 50 days

Reportedly, Tushar Jadhav, an 18-year-old youth who was found dead in Gaikwad area of ​​Maharashtra’s Nashik, had consumed phenyl and slit his wrist. Last year, many cases of death due to blue whale game were reported in India. The deadly online game challenges players over 50 days, demanding them complete tasks assigned to them by an anonymous controller.

Such is the task (blue whale game)

The game initially asks the player to draw a whale on a piece of paper, then draw the shape of a whale on their body, and then gives other tasks such as watching horror movies alone at odd hours. The task ends with the final challenge, that is, committing suicide. ( blue whale game )

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