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While Boca suffers from the large number of players infected with Covid-19, today he added good news after confirming that the coach, Sebastián Battaglia, tested negative in the PCR test and will be able to direct the practice tomorrow.

Xeneize found itself – like practically all Argentine soccer teams – with the bad news that it had eight infected players who were not going to be able to start the preseason. Thus, the return to training was uneven, although little by little those affected will be incorporated as they are discharged.

Boca preseason training

Who were the infected? Agustín Rossi, Marcelo Weigandt, Gastón Ávila, Carlos Zambrano, Alan Varela, Rodrigo Montes, Cristian Pavón and Eduardo Salvio. Of all of them, Salvio has already been discharged and joined training today, while Pavón should do the same tomorrow.

On the other hand, Frank Fabra had presented symptoms but his CRP was negative and he was also able to practice normally today, while Luis Advíncula – who could not enter the country due to a vaccine-related issue – is also expected for tomorrow.

In any case, tomorrow’s training session will feature, for the first time this year, Sebastián Battaglia at the helm of the team, thus kicking off his new bond with the club for one more year and with the goal of the Copa Libertadores 2022 as a priority.

Boca, very active in the transfer market

Beyond the return to training, the Boca Soccer Council does not stop and moves in the transfer market, both to arrange incorporations and to define the exits of some players in the squad.

The main target remains Darío Benedetto. The forward already spoke with Juan Román Riquelme, who let him know what Boca could pay him if he decides to return. Now, in the Xeneize they await the response of the attacker, who will have to initiate talks with Elche and Olympique de Marseille to return to Brandsen 805, if he so wishes.

At the same time, three who must solve their futures are Walter Bou, Ramón Ábila and Mateo Retegui. All three returned from their loans and would not be taken into account. Thus, they wait for an offer that allows them to win minutes in another club, although there is the possibility that in Boca they decide to stay with one, depending on their level in training.

(Source: TyC Sports)

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