Bolivia, rival of Argentina, has already started working

César Farías's team is already thinking about the three qualifying matches they have against Colombia, Uruguay and La Albiceleste.

The Bolivian National Team started its fixation in La Paz this Sunday with a view to the triple date of September for the South American qualifier for Qatar 2022 applying the primary biosafety conventions against the Covid-19 pandemic, as indicated by the Bolivian Football Federation.

One of those three opponents will be the Argentine National Team , the current hero of America, on September 9 at the Monumental. “The called players started to join the meeting in the city of La Paz,” where the PCR tests were applied, shows a Federation proclamation shipped off AFP.

Which players have effectively shown up to join?

Bolivian Federation said that footballers Luis Haquin and Alejandro Chumacero, who showed up from Chile, and were accessible to the group driven by Cesar Farias. Furthermore, to them are added the goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, from Vélez, the verifiable scorer Marcelo Moreno Martins, from Cruzeiro and Ramiro Vaca, who comes from Belgian football. Thus, the Federation included the explanation: “It is relied upon to have the whole group total until the 28th of this current month . “

What is coming to Bolivia in these Qualifiers?

The Bolivian group will meet on September 2 with Colombia on the ninth date, in the Hernando Siles , a stronghold that Bolivia has in La Paz, at 3,600 meters of height. After three days he will play in Montevideo (in the Champion of the Century, the Peñarol arena) against Uruguay for the match comparing to date 6, being one of the matches that were not played because of the development of contaminations and the Copa América, and the 9 will visit Argentina in Buenos Aires for matchday 10 .

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What position is Farías’ group in?

The Green group possesses the penultimate situation of the qualifier with 5 focuses in six games, positioning over the last two in the table, which are Venezuela (4) and Peru (4). Review that the first four groups in quite a while fit the bill for the World Cup, which will be played in Qatar one year from now, and the fifth who will have the chance of playing a Repechage against a group from another landmass.

Bolivia is supported by its groups

Most players called by mentor Cesar Farias comes Venezuelan groups: The Strongest and Bolivar of the city of La Paz, and Always Ready adjoining El Alto, being the most grounded groups in Bolivia last years.

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