Brothers imprisoned after Dunedin crime binge

A disastrous wrongdoing binge in Dunedin finished when one hapless man coincidentally shot himself and another collided with a transport, a court has heard.

Dakia John Henare (26) and Tyrone Kamal Henare (28) showed up in the Dunedin District Court today on a large number of charges, including bothered theft, brutality and driving wrongdoings.

The previous was imprisoned for a very long time and four months, while his sibling got a term of three years and two months’ detainment.

Their co-respondent, 32-year-old Nicholas James Newton, will be condemned in October.

The binge started just before the cross country Covid-19 lockdown on March 23 last year when Newton, Dakia Henare and another man were driving in a taken Subaru in Kaikorai Valley Rd.

They stopped external the programmed entryways of the Z administration station.

One of the men, vigorously masked, guaranteed that the passageway was clear and Newton – wearing a cap, hood, shades and gloves – entered, using a sawn-off shotgun and pointed it at the sole specialist behind the counter, the court heard.

Newton requested him to place money and tobacco into a pack, and they snatched $200 and up to 20 pockets.

After two days, Tyrone Henare with two unidentified partners ventured out to Factory Rd in Mosgiel in another taken Subaru.

The driver entered the Mobil forecourt then, at that point turned around at speed into the facade, causing extreme harm.

Tyrone Henare, with a since a long time ago took care of hatchet, and another man with a crowbar laid into the vape and tobacco bureau yet couldn’t crush it open. All things being equal, they stacked the sales register into the vehicle and hurried off, the court heard.

The Level 4 lockdown kicked in at 12 PM that evening, yet it just denoted a short break in the culpable.

On April 2, Newton was dropped off by the Henare siblings outside the Dunedin Hospital with a shotgun twisted to his chest.

He told clinical staff he had been removing a weapon from the boot that evening and it had “gone off”.

In the mean time, the Henares sped through focal Dunedin and went left into Hanover St.

At the convergence with Cumberland St, they proceeded with east through a red light prior to taking a right turn traveling south on the single direction framework.

As the driver shot through another stop light, he hit the side of a transport and went to a lay on the pathway.

The two tenants of the vehicle escaped by walking and threw the sawn-off shotgun answerable for Newton’s physical issue onto the top of a close by building.

They were before long found by a police canine unit, similar to the gun.

The court heard the siblings had encountered a turbulent childhood. They saw abusive behavior at home, medication and liquor use, and posse culture was standardized.

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“He never truly got an opportunity,” counsel David More said to describe Dakia Henare.

The respondents’ mom had since turned her life around and Judge Michael Turner encouraged them to follow her model.

Tyrone Henare’s insight John Westgate said his customer was not past reclamation.

“At the point when he’s not on drugs, he’s a decent father and very equipped for working locally,” he said.

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