Cathy Hummels shows up in a bikini after marriage

The Hummels are getting divorced and Cathy continues to post tirelessly on social media as if nothing had happened. Is there a message hiding here?

“BILD am Sonntag” announced the separation of Mats and Cathy Hummels after 14 years. One day later, the next headline came in: Still-husband Mats Hummels is said to already have a new girlfriend by his side. That leaked out from football circles. The supposedly unselected kicker is just 21 years young and therefore twelve years younger than Cathy.

Marriage-off! Mats and Cathy Hummels separated

According to “Bild”, the couple , who are separated, have so far not commented publicly on their separation or on the rumors about Mats Neue. Cathy is sometimes strong on social media. Recently, the 33-year-old has presented herself in a black “cut-out” swimsuit, showing how hot she is as a young mother. Hummels titled it with: “What a wonderful day! I hope everyone of you could enjoy the sun! Beauty is not a question of age! Love you, Cathy”.

Fans are worried about Cathy
One day later, the next photo followed with their son Ludwig and their fluffy dog ​​friend Moon. “All I need are my babies,” says the post. Her Instagram stories are also filled with videos every day, as if nothing had happened. In the comments, some are concerned, one user writes: “That sounds like lovesickness … Switching off and getting out is a good idea”, another notes: “Certainly not an easy time for you … how good, that you have your two babies. Best comforter”.

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Now the question remains whether the couple has been going their separate ways for a long time and this is why Cathy takes the separation so easily. One user even suspects that the couple has not been together for a year and a half. According to rumors, the marriage has been in crisis for a long time.

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