Chano Charpentier spoke with Juana Viale about the night of the shooting

In the middle of his recovery and after being shot by a policeman, the singer spoke with the driver about his time in intensive care. He recounted the memories he has of the day that could have cost him his life.

Chano Charpentier spoke with Juana Viale in Lunch with Mirtha Legrand about her long recovery process and also her long-awaited return to the stage. In the early hours of Monday, July 26, the singer made headlines in the media for having starred in a violent episode that almost cost him his life. While he was in the house that he had been living for a couple of weeks in the Parque La Verdad neighborhood of Exaltación de la Cruz, he was seriously injured by a police officer in a confusing episode while suffering a psychotic break.

Chano started the interview saying : “I was delighted that you proposed this to me. I am very happy that you are here, that you wanted to make me a note. It’s the first note I make and the last one, I think ”.

Seconds later, Chapentier recovered his seriousness to explain that he is happy in the place where he is undergoing his rehabilitation treatment: “I am better than ever, I know it seems strange. We are in Gens, a therapeutic community. I have been for two months and days. I came to do inpatient treatment, I really needed it. I could not stop”. 

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Quickly afterwards , Juana Viale asked him on the off chance that he accepted that he would have consented to do a treatment on the off chance that he had not featured in that brutal scene in which he was shot and Chano with absolute genuineness let him in on that he likely would not have attempted to recuperate his life as he used to know it prior to beginning to utilize drugs. “Maybe not really I will accept this absolute bottom as the best learning I’ve at any time ever in my life. To be the last, ” said the vocalist.

“It assists me to work with the limits that I never had,” Chano commented about his visit in the recovery place reliant upon the Asociación Civil Gens. “They let me have the PC a couple of days prior.”

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