Cheeku Ki Mummy Durr Ki Stars Reveal Their New Year Plans

The cast of Cheeku Ki Mummy Durr Kei shares with Jyothi Venkatesh what they will do on December 31. The actors of the show produced by Nilanjana Purkayastha and 4 Lions film with Herumb Khot of Invictus T Media are looking forward to the new year.

Paridhi Sharma

I am going to celebrate new year with my family members and friends, we will go somewhere as we have already booked a resort for two days. I would like to welcome 2022 with good health and happiness to my family and everyone. I just hope that God save us from this pandemic. My New Year’s resolution is to make my life, thoughts and feelings simple and valuable.

Himanshu Malhotra

As of now, I don’t have any plans for new year’s eve as we will be shooting, but if we get a holiday we can go out with friends or maybe have a house party or something nice. You can eat, maybe watch a movie and have wonderful conversations all night. I want to welcome 2022 with enthusiasm, positivity, something to take forward. 2022: Strengthen the positivity and give it love and warmth to every human being on this planet so that we can become the wonderful and best versions of ourselves and to be loving and kind human beings. I don’t make resolutions, especially during the new year because we always break them. I make a resolution any day when I find an instinct and carry it out, my resolutions are very experimental and it happens day by day. It has nothing to do with the new year.

Deepali Pansare

I have not made any plans for this new year as I am shooting for about 25-28 days in a month. If I do land, I’ll plan something or it’ll be a quiet family dinner. I want to welcome this 2022 with a wide smile on my face. I don’t believe in resolutions because we make resolutions on 31st and forget 1st but this time I want to resolve to be happy in all circumstances and would like to stick to it for the rest of my life.

Manav Verma

I am planning to spend time with my family, good food, good music and company of loved ones is all I need, I also request all others to try to stay at home with rising cases of COVID. Be safe The year 2022 is hopeful. The challenges we all have faced in the last two years have given us all a lot to think about how we can all be better as human beings and as a society. My resolution is simple, eat healthy, stay fit and help wherever you can.

Shivam Bangwal

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