Chief Justice expressed concern

New Delhi. Chief Justice NV Ramana expressed concern about the attack on the judiciary in the program held in the Supreme Court on the occasion of Constitution Day. He said that judges are not only being attacked physically, but are also being attacked through social media. He also said that it is the job of the judiciary to ensure justice, but the executive and the legislature also have a role to play in this. Chief Justice NV Raman

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In the Constitution Day program, the Chief Justice said- 72 years ago today, we took the Constitution in our hands. I pay tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I also pay tribute to those who developed this Constitution, which is a wonderful document of the 20th century. Chief Justice Ramana said that the general belief that delivering justice is only the function of the judiciary, it is not correct, it depends on the three organs.

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Talking about the attack on the judges, the Chief Justice said – Judges are being attacked, not only physically, but also through social media. The officials should come forward to assist the judges in this regard. He urged the Prime Minister to consider the recommendations made by the committees formed by the Supreme Court to improve the internal structure of the Supreme Court. Apart from this, he said that the collegium is working well to fill up vacancies in the Supreme Court and High Court expeditiously and we expect cooperation from the central government in this matter.

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