Chinese clutches and European help

What India should have done, the EU will now do. China has spread its old Chinese strategy of ‘Silk Mahapath’ by giving it a new name in Asia and Africa. He has tied almost all the neighboring nations of India in his bondage. Almost everyone has become his debtor. Not only has he planned to connect the countries of Asia and Africa by a huge road, he is luring them to build many things like ports, railways, canals, power stations, gas and oil pipelines in these countries.

Due to these construction works, these countries have got billions and trillions of rupees. He is also showing dreams of getting tax. He has trapped more than 65 countries in his clutches. Now 139 countries have agreed with this Chinese initiative. The total GDP of these countries is 40 percent of the global GDP. So far, if you read the original documents of the countries of Asia and Africa to which China has given rough loans, then you will be surprised to know their terms. If those nations are not able to repay the Chinese debt in a given time, then China will be entitled to those construction works.

China will operate them and recover its amount along with interest or will take some other sites under its control. In a sense it is neo-colonialism. India had to compete with it, at least in South and Central Asia. It was supposed to introduce macro-familism in the region, not neo-colonialism, but now the European Union will do this work. It has announced that it will start a ‘World Mahapath’ in competition with China’s Silk Mahapath. It will invest $340 billion and provide grants for inclusive development to Afro-Asian countries.

Like China, he will not indulge in interest. It will try to provide financial help to these developing countries in pollution-control, education, health, rail, airport, road-canal construction and many other areas, but will also cooperate in every way so that its trade with these countries will also be there. Increase and the people of these countries should also get new jobs. China also increases employment in these countries, but it only increases the number of Chinese workers. The European Union is also going to build a Mediterranean highway connecting North-African countries.

This generosity of the European Union is commendable, but let us not forget that the secret of Europe’s prosperity lies in its last 200 years of colonialism. Be it Europe, America or Russia, behind the help of each of these nations lies its national interest, but it is not meant to be trapped in its clutches like China. I will be happy when about 16 countries in South and Central Asia have a common market, common parliament and common federation like Europe.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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