Commission will change the date of election in Manipur!

Will the Election Commission change the polling dates in Manipur? This is a big question as there is a huge protest in the state against fixing the date for the first phase of polling on Sunday, February 27. Many tribal organizations and Christian organizations are opposing it. They say that there is no voting in the state on Sundays as Christians go to Sunday Mass on that day. Worship and pray and rest. So the commission should change the date. The question is whether the Election Commission or the ruling party in the state was not aware of this? The Election Commission makes a commitment to vote one by one and on the other hand fixes the date of polling on a day on which a large number of people do not vote?

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Significantly, 43 percent of the population in the state is tribal, most of whom are Christians. If voting is to be held on Sunday, many of these people will not go to vote. Needless to say who will benefit the most. That is why questions are also being raised on the intention of the commission to fix the day of Sunday. However, All Tribal Students Union Manipur and Kuki Inpi Manipur have asked the commission to change the date. For this, these organizations have protested, which has also been supported by the common people. The commission should seriously consider their opinion and change the date of election. This will not be a difficult task as the notification for the election has not been issued yet. The second phase of polling in Manipur is to be held on March 3.

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