Concern for the MLA of Banaras South seat

The assembly seat of South Banaras in the Prime Minister’s Lok Sabha constituency, Banaras, is the seat under which the area of ​​the Kashi Corridor comes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this corridor in a grand ceremony. The first phase project of converting the streets of Banaras into corridors has been completed and for many months the slogan of Bhavya Kashi, Divya Kashi has been echoing. But there is news that the MLA of this Banaras South seat, Neelkanth Tiwari is in trouble and wants to change his seat. The question is that from where Hindu revival has been announced in the entire state and country and world, what should be the difficulty of the MLA of that place? But it is being told that many people are angry and have come out against the BJP due to the demolition of the lanes and demolition of the settlements to build the corridor.

There is also a sizeable Muslim population in this area. That is why it is being said that if Samajwadi Party gives Brahmin candidate instead of Muslim candidate, then BJP will find it very difficult. This is the reason why Neelkanth Tiwari is looking for another safe seat. His eyes are on the seat of Banaras Cantt, which is considered the safest for the BJP. BJP’s Sourav Srivastava is the MLA from this seat. Earlier his mother and father were MLAs from this seat. On this basis, an attempt is being made to oust him by raising dynastic charges against him. However, it is unlikely that Neelkanth Tiwari should be allowed to change the seat because if he changes the seat, a very bad message will be sent to the entire state.

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