Congress is the originator of terrorism and separatism

Deoria, Security lapse during PM Modi’s visit to Punjab has become a political issue. While on the one hand BJP is attacking Congress on this issue, Congress is calling it a political instrument of BJP. Congress and BJP ruled chief ministers have also jumped into this politics. Now the matter has reached the Supreme Court. modi security breach punjab

Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh has made a big attack on the Congress regarding this matter. Describing the Congress as the mother of terrorism and separatism, he said that the manner in which the government has played with the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab, it is extremely unfortunate.

Congress responsible for PM Modi’s security in Punjab

Singh said in a public meeting here on Friday that the Punjab government is responsible for the big lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and this has also been confirmed. He said that the Congress government’s gross negligence has come to the fore behind this unfortunate incident. Today the whole country is condemning it. He alleged that Congress is at the root of every conspiracy in Punjab today. Congress is the originator of terrorism and separatism, that is why Congress is going to the trough today.

The Prime Minister was in danger of life near the Pakistani border

The former Agriculture Minister of the country said that the lapse in security of the Prime Minister of the country near the Pakistani border is not only unimaginable but also shameful and worrying. Singh said, we are a democracy and bound by constitutional responsibility. Political competition and political differences are natural in a healthy democracy, but duty should not be neglected. Political ambition should not be so unbridled that it diverts itself from constitutional responsibility. The same thing has happened inside Punjab during the Congress rule.

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