Continue despite adversity: young athlete ran a marathon, her shoe broke, she reached the end barefoot and ended up winning

He not only challenged the high temperatures that have been recorded in Misiones, but also the adversities imposed by the missionary terrain. “Toritos”, Tacuaras, stones, among other things, was what he had to dodge to win the marathon that was held last weekend in the municipality of Itacaruaré.

The young athlete received all the applause for her courage and her commitment to reaching the finish line. It also managed to win first place in its category.

In this edition, the competitors had to cross streams, steep ascents and descents, among other obstacles that the organization of the competition had planned. It was attended by neighbors and visitors.

In total, there were four tests for lovers of running; 3 kilometers that had 6 water crossings, a circuit with 200 meters of lane at the start, the 7 kilometer circuit had 9 water crossings and 300 meters of lane. For its part, the most “difficult” of 15 kilometers contained 11 steps of water.

As usual in this type of competition, there were adults, youth and children who participated in the unique experience within the red land.


Aldous McEwan

Aldous is a tech enthusiast and a traveller, who has completed his B.A in year 2018.

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