Continuous deaths due to corona in the country, 488 patients died in 24 hours, 10 and a half thousand new cases surfaced

New Delhi | India Corona Alert: Since the detection of a new variant of the corona virus in South Africa, there has been a stir in the countries of the world. On the other hand, the havoc of corona infection continues in India. In the last 24 hours, 488 corona infected have died in the country, which is a matter of great concern. With this, once again 10 thousand 549 new cases have been reported during this period. However, in the last 24 hours, 9 thousand 868 patients have also been cured across the country. On the last day, 83 lakh 88 thousand 824 people have been vaccinated across the country, after which a total of 120 crore 27 lakh 3 thousand 659 vaccinations have been done in the country.

Corona Latest Update

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The latest status of Corona in the country so far – India Corona Updates Today:

Total infected so far – 3 crore 45 lakh 55 thousand 431
Total deaths so far – 4 lakh 67 thousand 468
Total discharge till now – 3 crore 39 lakh 77 thousand 830
Total active cases now – 1 lakh 10 thousand 133
Total vaccination – 120 crore 27 lakh 03 thousand 659

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Government of India alert about new variants
India Corona Alert: After the new variant of Corona found in Africa, the Government of India has come on alert mode and while issuing an alert to all the states, it has been said that there is a need for three-dimensional monitoring of people coming from abroad. Also, there should not be any hesitation in screening and testing of the people accompanying him.

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