Corona attack on doctor in Maharashtra! 305 resident doctors turned positive, country’s highest 26,538 cases in 24 hours

Mumbai | Maharashtra Corona Updates: Maharashtra, which has once again become a stronghold of corona infected in the country, is badly affected by this epidemic. New cases of corona infection and Omicron variant cases are increasing rapidly in the state. Now only the doctors who gave life to the patients here have come under the grip of corona. Corona virus has engulfed 305 resident doctors in Maharashtra.

Giving information about this, Ganesh Solunke, President, Resident Doctors Association said that in the last 3 days, a total of 305 doctors in Maharashtra including JJ Hospital have been found corona infected.

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Country’s highest 26 thousand 538 cases found in 24 hours – Maharashtra Corona Updates
The state of Maharashtra, which is most affected in the second wave of corona, is once again caught in the clutches of corona virus. Here in the last 24 hours, 26 thousand 538 new cases of corona have been reported in the country, while 8 people have also died. During this period, 5 thousand 331 patients have also defeated Corona in the state. After which the number of active cases in Maharashtra has increased to 87 thousand 505. The maximum number of corona cases in Maharashtra have been registered in Mumbai. Here in the last 24 hours, 15 thousand 166 coronas have been found infected and 3 people have died. The number of active cases in Mumbai has increased to 61,923.

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Maharashtra is also the stronghold of the Omicron variant.
Omicron, the new variant of Corona that caused the third wave in the country, is also affecting Maharashtra the most. Omicron 797 cases have been reported in the state whereas, 330 patients have recovered from this variant. It is followed by Delhi’s number. Omicron has 465 cases in Delhi.

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