Corona became uncontrollable in the world

New Delhi. The corona virus epidemic has become uncontrollable in many countries of the world. At the time when the second wave of corona was at the peak in India and four lakh cases were being received every day, at that time around eight lakh cases were being received every day in the world, now seven thousand cases are being received daily in India but nine lakh in the world. More and more patients are coming out every day. The situation has become uncontrollable in America, Britain and almost all of Europe. More than one lakh patients are being found in both Britain and France.

In France, more than one lakh four thousand new cases of corona were found in a single day on Saturday. Saturday’s figure was not given due to Christmas in Britain, but on Friday, more than one lakh 22 thousand new cases were registered. To control the situation, the government of Boris Johnson has tightened restrictions in many parts of the country. It is being told that more strict restrictions have come into force in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from Sunday.

The terrible havoc of Corona continues in Russia. On Saturday, 968 people died of corona in 24 hours, while 23,721 new cases of corona were reported. Meanwhile, there is news that there is a sharp increase in the cases of corona in China too. In China, 206 new cases of corona have been reported in a day, out of which 158 are of local infection. There are currently 2,011 active cases of corona in China. Russia and China are among the countries where the first vaccines started.

On the other hand, due to the increasing cases of Corona in America, the situation is deteriorating. Because of Delta and Omicron variants of Corona Close to a thousand flights were canceled during Christmas. Companies canceled flights citing lack of staff due to Corona. About a thousand flights were canceled in the US on Saturday. More than two hundred and fifty flights have already been canceled for Sunday.

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