Corona in Supreme Court and Parliament too

New Delhi. Despite all the precautions, the infection of corona virus has reached the Supreme Court and Parliament. Four judges of the Supreme Court and about five percent of the court staff are reported to be infected with the corona virus. On the other hand, before the budget session of Parliament, there is news of a large number of employees getting infected. More than four hundred employees of the secretariats of both the houses of Parliament have been infected. Significantly, the budget session of Parliament begins in the last week of the month.

Four judges of the Supreme Court have been found infected. On Thursday, there was news of two judges getting infected. Now two more judges have been infected with Kovid, taking the number to four. About one hundred and fifty employees of their Supreme Court registry are also infected. Some employees are also in quarantine. Earlier, Chief Justice NV Ramana on Thursday banned the physical hearing of cases for three days a week. Now all the hearings will be done in a virtual way.

During the hearing of a case, the Chief Justice had said – now physical hearing is not possible for four, six weeks. Along with this, like the second wave, the judges were asked to conduct virtual hearings from their residence offices. It is being told that during the farewell party of Justice R Subhash Reddy on Tuesday, a judge, who had fever, was also present. Later his result came corona positive.

On the other hand, Corona has also reached Parliament House before the budget session. It is being told that about 400 employees of Parliament House are infected. According to sources, till January 8, 65 people from the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, two hundred from the Lok Sabha Secretariat and 133 from other services were confirmed to be infected. Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu reviewed the situation with Secretary General PC Modi and Advisor Dr PP K Ramacharyulu and directed that necessary measures be taken to prevent the spread of the virus among the officers and staff of the Secretariat ahead of the Budget session.

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