Corona’s new variant ‘Omicron’ is capable of spreading by air, vaccine is also getting ineffective! Learn about it

New Delhi | Omicron Corona New Variant: In front of the world which has been fighting the war with Corona for the last 3 years, now a more serious problem has come to the fore. Scientists have discovered a new form of corona virus that can also spread through the air. Ever since the introduction of this new variant, there has been a stir in the whole world. Scientists have again put everyone in a dilemma by fearing that the corona infection will increase in the world. According to the warnings of scientists, the vaccine may be ineffective on this new variant ‘Omicron’. This variant can dodge the vaccine. Due to which the rate of infection will increase. Since then, all the countries of the world have issued an alert regarding this.

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Identified in South Africa, spreading
Omicron Corona New Variant: The WHO’s Technical Advisory Group has named the new variant of Corona as ‘Omicron’, describing it as highly contagious. The WHO organization believes that there is a risk of spreading the infection manifold. For the first time this week, the new variant has been identified in South Africa. It was detected by the Committee to Monitor Genomics in South Africa and named it B.1.1.529. This variant is spreading rapidly in South Africa. Also, this strain has spread to many other countries including Botswana.

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More dangerous than all the variants so far
Experts believe that this new variant ‘Omicron’ is more transmissible as well as capable of defeating human immunity faster. It is believed that this new variant is more dangerous than the Delta variant of Corona. This vaccine is also being said to be capable of dodging. It is also coming to the fore that people who had taken booster doses in addition to the vaccine dose have also been found to have this infection.

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Many countries imposed restrictions on movement
After the appearance of this new form of corona virus, the European Union along with America, Britain, Canada, Russia and many other countries have banned the movement of people from African countries. The Government of India is also on alert mode regarding this variant and all the states have been alerted for this. Along with this, all kinds of precautions and people coming from outside have been asked to keep a watch.

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