Corona’s speed is six times faster

New Delhi. After the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has reached almost all the states of the country, there has been a sudden increase in the cases of corona. Corona cases are increasing at the rate of six and a half times. Giving information about the increase in the speed of corona cases, the central government has said that on December 29, about nine thousand patients were found in 24 hours in the country and after seven days on January 4, the number of patients found in 24 hours is more than 58 thousand. reached up. This pace of Corona is very worrying for many reasons.

The Joint Secretary of the Union Health Ministry, Luv Aggarwal, informed about the third wave of Corona in the press conference on Wednesday. He said that Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Gujarat are the eight states where the infection figures are increasing very rapidly. According to the Ministry of Health, there are 28 districts of the country where the weekly rate of infection has exceeded 10 per cent. Apart from these, there are 43 districts where the infection rate is between five and 10 percent.

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The infection rate in the country was 0.79 percent on 29 December 2021, which reached 5.03 on 4 January. That is, both the number of infected and the rate of infection have increased at a speed of six and a half percent. The central government has told that amidst these scary figures and the increasing cases of Omicron, it is a matter of relief that so far very few such patients have been found, who have needed to be admitted to the hospital. The Health Ministry said – We do not have to be afraid of the third wave of corona, but we need to be prepared for every situation ahead by following discipline with caution.

Giving information about the situation of corona in India, the Ministry of Health told about the rapidly spreading corona cases in the world. The central government said that on January 4, 25.2 lakh cases of corona were registered worldwide, which is the highest ever since the beginning of the epidemic. In the week ending January 4, about 65 percent of the cases have been reported from America, Britain, France, Italy and Spain. At the same time, in countries around the world, the death toll from the new variant Omicron of Corona has increased to 108. In India too, one death from Omicron has been confirmed by the central government.

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