Cristiano Ronaldo’s temperature rose during the match, asked the South Korean player to keep quiet, know the whole matter

The match between Portugal and South Korea has been quite interesting. In this match, Cristiano Ronaldo told that he and the South Korean player had a dispute during the match. He informed that the South Korean player had asked him and his team to leave the field early after the win and criticized them.
Significantly, even after tasting defeat in the match against South Korea, Portugal’s team remains at the top of the point table. However, when South Korea’s team went ahead in the match, Portugal’s player Ronaldo looked very angry about this. This happened when I was replaced. He said that the Korean player asked me to go more quickly, but I told him to keep quiet as he has no right to talk to me like that. Ronaldo said that if I was not leaving the field quickly, the referee could have scolded me for it. Ronaldo also said that it happened in the heat of the moment. There is no need to create so much controversy on that matter.
Meanwhile, Portugal coach Fernando Santos said he was displeased with the way the Korean player treated Cristiano Ronaldo during the match. He said that the Korean player was insulting Ronaldo. Telling him to go off and off the field, Ronaldo got angry. He also said that he has seen the conversation and behavior between Ronaldo and the Korean player on the field. Although South Korea’s mid fielder Hwang In Beom said that I have not seen anything like this happening on the field. So I cannot comment on this. However, this has been done only to suppress the matter.

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