Daler Mehndi remembers his childhood on the day of Lohri, know how he used to celebrate his festival

There are many famous festivals in our country. One of those festivals is the festival of Lohri. Along with Haryana and Punjab, this festival is celebrated with great pomp in many big areas of Uttar Pradesh. Well-known stars also celebrate the festival of Lohri with great pomp. Diler Mehndi also shared many memories related to this festival. They say that since childhood, we have seen people celebrating this festival with great pomp and have also become a part of this celebration.

Since always we have not only performed the rituals associated with Lohri with great devotion, but have also illuminated this festival further by lighting the fire of Lohri. We have a tradition here that things like groundnut, sesame, revdi, groundnut, jaggery etc. are offered in this fire. However, after this day the cold starts to subside a bit.

Further Daler Mehndi says that in childhood, on the day of Lohri, we used to go to the houses of others to ask for Lohri and when we used to get 10-15 paisa from those houses or we used to collect sweets of jaggery, then it is not less than a paradise for us. Was. After that there used to be a lot of singing.

The spring showers start after Lohri. There are happy green trees and plants, birds chirping all around. All these fascinate the mind. Even today we celebrate this festival with the same enthusiasm and create a new freshness inside us. Regarding security, Daler Mehndi said that in view of the epidemic spreading in the country, people should celebrate the festival of Lohri in their homes keeping in mind the safety and health of the family members.

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