Deepa Anand’s New Year album created a ruckus on the New Year!

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Singer Deepa Anand is a well-known name in the world of stage singing. On the new year, she was tied in a contract for many shows like every year, but this year when programs are not being held due to fear of third wave of corona and due to government restrictions, Deepa Anand is also sitting at home like other singers. Huh. Seeing this emptiness, she has made a new album “New Year Bliss” keeping in mind the New Year, which has been released on her own YouTube channel. People are liking the album very much. She is the singer-composer of the album.

Let us tell you that Deepa is a singer of a different style. A few years back, on the occasion of New Year’s, he had an album – “Aao stars mein le chaloon”. In this remix album, Deepa Anand sang party songs sung by Asha Bhosle in her voice. It was a huge hit album, having sold millions of CDs. After its release, Asha ji had wished Deepa and said that you will definitely make your name one day. T-Series released his sung solo album “Sai Kripa”. She has once sung for Venus, Tips, Wings on their remix albums. Deepa Anand, who has given albums for many music companies, is very happy these days to hear the praises of her new album. “Happiness is there, isn’t it!” she expresses her happiness.

Deepa Anand has also sung for Hindi, Bengali and Bhojpuri films. “When the film becomes a hit, the importance of the singer increases or else the struggle continues,” she says. “I sang a song for the Hindi film ‘Leader’ (Amitabh Bachchan) and a film for Lalit (Jatin). I started by singing with Anoop Jalota ji and then sung in the composition of Daddu (Ravindra Jain). Work has always come to me but I have stayed away from the hits of Badluck. ”Deepa says very frankly. “What’s the use of lying? If a singer or artist tells a lie, he will mislead the next generation of artists.

“Singer boys, girls and musicians are at a great loss due to the lack of New Year’s shows, it is being said, what do you think?”

That’s right. The loss is mine too. I performed for one year – when my album ‘Sitaron Mein Le Chaloon’ came out, on the 31st night of that year, I performed at 5 places. After that I had two shows in Kolkata in the first week. I have done a lot of shows in Mumbai and Kolkata. She also used to perform in other cities of the country. Now Corona has made us all sit at home. The damage that will happen will happen, people should be safe, if they stay healthy, then singing will continue to happen. My best wishes to all the readers of Mayapuri!

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