Defense Minister Rajnath Singh roared in UP, said- if you cross the border, you will enter and kill

Lucknow | Rajnath Singh Warns China-Pakistan: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh today attacked China and Pakistan amidst the election atmosphere in the country. On Saturday, while targeting China and Pakistan in a program organized in Jaunpur, Lucknow, the Defense Minister said that, we will not tease anyone, but if someone teases us, we will not leave it. Have not occupied an inch of land of any country and if anyone tries to capture our land, we will not leave it.

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Some neighbors take advantage of India’s ease
Rajnath Singh Warns China-Pakistan: Rajnath Singh attacked both the countries by showing aggressive attitude. He said that good relations with neighbors has been the culture of India, but some people do not understand it. We want good relations with our neighbours. India has never invaded any country, nor occupied any foreign land.

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If you cross the limit, you will enter and kill
On cross-border terrorist activities happening in India, Defense Minister said that India’s neighbor Pakistan keeps trying to destabilize India through terrorist activities, but we have given a strong message to it. We have given a clear message to our neighbor on the western border that if he crosses the border, we will not only be aggressive on the borders, but will also enter his territory and conduct surgical and air strikes.

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