Delhi government to intensify campaign for compliance with covid friendly behavior

New Delhi| Amid the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the national capital, the Delhi government has decided to intensify the campaign to comply with other COVID friendly practices, including wearing of masks in public places.

Officials said on Tuesday that more than 70 enforcement teams have been formed so far in 11 districts of the capital to prevent violation of such rules. He said that public awareness campaigns have been launched to encourage people to adopt covid friendly behavior and get vaccinated.

A senior official in south Delhi said people were left unfazed after the fine for not wearing masks was lifted earlier this month, but the government has reimposed the fine and violators will be closely monitored.

At least six enforcement teams have been formed in all the 11 districts, the official told PTI. There are also 8-9 teams in some districts and thus more than 70 enforcement teams are active in the entire city.

According to the Health Department, 1,011 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Delhi on Monday and one infected died.

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