Delhi: The girl was given a new scooty by the family, but due to SEX…

New Delhi | Scoory Number Plate Controversy : People often get ready to spend more and more money to get a VIP number. This condition is seen for everything from vehicles to mobile phone numbers. But have you ever thought that such a thing can also create trouble for you. If not, then let us tell you. Actually, it has become difficult for a girl to go to the market with a scooty. The reason for this is that the number of the girl’s scooty that has come is strange. Initially, she did not even know about this, but later when people started passing comments, the girl stopped taking the scooty.

Scoory Number Plate Controversy :

what is the matter

Scoory Number Plate Controversy : The number of a new scooty of a student living in Delhi has come such that she no longer wants to drive it. The reason for this is that whenever she comes out with a scooty, Manchale starts commenting on her. Actually, the number of Scooty is such that that girl is upset. The number of Jyoti’s scooty starts with DL SEX. This is the reason that whenever that girl comes out with a scooty, people start staring at her and making remarks.

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try to change number

Scoory Number Plate Controversy : For a few days, the girl did not tell this thing at her house that why she does not want to drive the scooty. Later, on being asked by the family members, the girl told the whole truth. Now the people of the house are making rounds of the RTO office to change the number of this scooty.

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