Delivery was done for 5000 women, but died in their delivery…

Hingoli | Nurse Death During Delivery : A painful case has come to light from Hingoli district of Maharashtra. In the district, a 38-year-old nurse named Jyoti died during her delivery. This is such a common case, but when you go into its background, you will also be surprised. The health officer himself has expressed grief while giving information in this matter. He told that a nurse named Jyoti had helped in the delivery of more than 5000 women and she died due to complications while giving birth to her child.

Nurse Death During Delivery :

Duty lived in the Neighbor Room

Nurse death During Delivery Jyoti used to be posted as Hingoli Civil Hospital labeled. Not only did she explain the women well, but her style was very much liked by the people. During her work, she had become so popular among the people that any person visiting wanted to get her delivery done by her. Now after the death of Jyoti, the hospital’s medical officer Gopal Kadam has expressed grief and paid tribute to him.

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had double pneumonia

Nurse Death During Delivery : Doctors told that Jyoti had double pneumonia at the time of pregnancy. Due to which she was facing many problems even before delivery. On the day of delivery, doctors made every effort to save Jyoti’s life. He was also kept on oxygen support. Even after this, doctors could not save Jyoti’s life due to complications. The hospital management has paid tribute to Jyoti, describing her as a woman with a special personality.

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