Delnaaz Irani: One of the hardest things I have managed to do for 29 years is to make people laugh

Star Plus has always enthralled and amaze its viewers through its content on every occasion. His shows have always been in the news and now the channel is making a lot of headlines especially for his upcoming show ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’. The story of the show will present how a loving family thrives together, this story will surely bring a smile to the faces of the viewers in this difficult time. Cockrow & Shaika Entertainment and Magic Moments Motion Pictures present this heartwarming presentation. Produced by Leena Gangopadhyay, Rajesh Ramsingh, Pradeep Kumar, Saibal Banerjee, Piya Bajpayee and Shaika Parveen, the show will feature Delnaaz Irani, Manan Joshi and Yesha Rughani in pivotal roles. Excerpts from an exclusive conversation with veteran actress Delnaaz Irani:

Show ‘sometimes by coincidence Tell us something about your character in

‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’ is a very ‘feel-good’ and ‘slice of a life’ show. There are no negative characters in it. It is a very sweet story of a joint family and my character’s name in the show is ‘Kiran’, aka ‘Goli Bua’, who is the aunt of the kids in the family. This is by far the most different as well as the toughest role that I am playing, even though it is a fun show, it is not purely a comedy show in the genre that people have mostly seen me in. Kiran is a teacher, a woman with a very strong leadership. She is the link between the elders and the younger in the family, being the friend of the children they trust in her. People are going to look at Delnaaz from a completely different angle this time and this excites me very much.

The various preparations you have made for your character in the show, Tell us something about that?

To be honest, I haven’t really prepared much to play Kiran. As ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’ is a remake of a very popular Bengali show, many people asked me to watch it so that I can get an idea of ​​what my character should be like, but to be honest, I wanted to make this character my own. And wanted to play it in a completely different way. Seeing someone else will greatly affect my mannerisms and that’s why I want to avoid that and add a different color to this role. However, I have definitely made some preparations for this look. It is a very real show and a real character so I will be seen in a very simple saree look with straight long hair, low jewellery, kajal in eyes and a big round bindi will complete my look.

Have you taken any specific inspiration for your character? if yes, So tell us why and how it has helped you portray your character?

I haven’t taken any specific inspiration, but yes, I have definitely infused some shades of my mother’s personality into this character. She has been a very strict mother. I remember growing up, I used to be afraid of him, but he is also a very soft hearted person in general. I would also like to add that how Delnaaz and Goli Bua are almost alike. Like Goli Bua, I also love my brothers very much. My nieces and nephews are my friends, but they also know their limits. So it was easy enough to be a goli bua in that regard.

How does it feel to be playing such an important role in this time or age?

Of course, at this level and age it feels great to be playing such an important role and I am extremely excited about this opportunity. I am especially grateful to the production house for believing in me and taking me out of that bracket and image of a ‘comedy artist’. I am extremely thrilled to be a part of this show at this juncture of my career.

,sometimes by coincidence What do you want to achieve with the role of Kiran Bua in?

I have always been honest in my work and have given my 100% to whatever character I have played till now. So I essentially don’t want to gain anything, except more love and affection from the audience, fans and well wishers. I am sure our viewers will fall in love with Kiran Bua and continue to shower their love like she has always shown.

Us ‘sometimes by chance All the co-stars on the sets of (Yasha, Tell us something about your bond with Manan and Mehul)?

I cannot express in words what a lovely bond it is. Not just me, Yesha, Manan and Mehul but the entire cast is like one big family which is very important for a show like Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se. It feels great to work with youngsters who always ask about my experience in the industry. I haven’t shot with Yesha yet but I have heard about her good qualities while talking about Manan and Mehul, they are very naughty boys and we have recently started shooting for some fun reels as well, which are out. I am eagerly waiting to do. There is a happy atmosphere on the sets with lots of food, fun and laughter.

Tell us something about your personal life routine?

Being the only woman in the family, I still have a lot of work to do after many hours of shooting and personally, I enjoy my walks, my meditation and yoga a lot. I am also very spiritual so prayer is very important for me. One day in the week off I relax at home then meet my friends with Percy because I love meeting people. Shooting for 12-13 hours every day exhausts you very much, but Percy (my husband) and I always make sure to take a little steam in between our daily schedule.

What is it like as an artist that makes your day?

Firstly, I make sure that I approach my sets with a positive attitude. When I am at work, I leave all my worries behind. Second, as soon as I enter my makeup room, I make sure I do a little prayer before the day starts. Lastly, before starting my day, I do a small meeting with my team and make sure everyone is comfortably ready for their day. Then I listen to some nice music, have tea, chat with my team till the makeup starts and it sets the mood for that day for me as an actress.

How do you feel shooting in the new normal?

Everything is back to normal these days. However, I take special care on the sets that everyone wears a mask and cleans their room regularly. Wet tissues and soap are always kept around me. Although now, everyone is fully vaccinated since this is a workplace, I think it is still necessary to follow all the protocols as we were doing earlier.

Do you still feel nervous before shooting for a big or important sequence?

Yes! I am still nervous today. I think it is great to have that nervous energy right before shooting a big sequence because if you are not, then you are extremely overconfident and nothing good has come of being overconfident. I get nervous just before shooting an important scene which helps me do better.

How do you keep yourself positive and motivated during this difficult time?

I think to be positive and motivated you have to have a positive mind in life. Luckily, I surround myself with people who want to see me successful and happy, and that helps a lot. Plus, I’m a very jovial person in general and like to spread it around liberally. Lastly, my god and my dad are always showering their blessings on me which always helps me to move forward.

year 2022 What is your agenda for

My only agenda for the coming year is to make ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’ a big blockbuster show and I will prepare to take it from the year 2022 to 2023 and then onwards.

lay ahead:

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