Dhanush’s Maran is the first movie story .. What a cigarette to break now

Maran is a movie starring Dhanush following the movie Jagame Tantram. The film is directed by Karthik Narain. The film stars Malvika Mohan opposite Dhanush. The film is produced by Satyajothi Films. Photos of the Maran film are currently going viral on the internet.

Dhanush’s masculine look in the film has been well received among the fans. In this case, the director has released interesting information about Dhanush’s role in Maran. Karthik Narain has been interested in journalism from the beginning.

The reason for that is that he has a social feeling that whatever it is he has to take it to the people and add to it. The media is the only weapon to take people directly. Maran has directed the film with a long-standing desire to make a film with this.

Dhanush has never acted in a role like this before. So in a new venture Dhanush has acted as a journalist in this film. But the film does not fall into the same genre throughout. The film will feature action, thriller, humor and emotion.

As Maran looks like Samuthirakani’s bad politician in the film, it looks like Dhanush as a journalist will be exposing the issues going on in politics. The film is expected to have an interesting storyline between politicians and journalists.

The release of Unemployed Graduate in Dhanush and Samuthirakani combo has been well received by the fans and the anticipation for the film has increased as the two have acted together in Maran. When listening to this story one is reminded of the character played by Arjun in the first one film, it is noteworthy that Raghuvaran will be intimidated as a politician.

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