Diamond Jubilee 2021: Rolesahebsar said – a grand event on divine orders is commendable

Diamond Jubilee 2021: Discrimination against any person is discrimination against the children of God. The organization has also shown the message given in the Diamond Jubilee program of the Kshatriya Yuva Sangh on 22 December. In the program of gratitude to the people directly associated with this event, the patron of the organization Bhagwan Singh Rollsahbsar honored the sanitation workers. Not only this, senior volunteers including Sangh Pramukh Laxman Singh Benyankabas sat together and had a loving meal. This effort has verified the human philosophy of Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh. Patron Rollsahebsar presented Sangh literature to the people who had cooperated for a month in the cleanliness system.

Diamond Jubilee 2021: While addressing the program, Patron Rollsahebsar said that everyone’s cooperation was commendable in this grand event held on divine orders. He said that the people involved in the cleaning work worked for a month in the same way as they do in the family. In such a situation, these people belong to our family and we are proud to honor them. He also thanked Bhavani Niketan Committee. Thanks were given to the people who came to the program and contributed directly or indirectly. A co-banquet was organized with all the people who were instrumental in the event.

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Great effort than brahmbhoja

Diamond Jubilee 2021: Patron Bhagwan Singh Rolsahabsar said that I used to see everyday that the sanitation workers were engaged in this program with great enthusiasm. How could I forget their cooperation? I wanted them to sit with us and have a meal. Feel intimately that we are all children of God. We are all brothers and sisters. I thank them and express my gratitude. The way in which special events begin with Brahma Bhoja. Similarly, we are starting this show of gratitude with a meal with the sweepers.

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