Did Akhilesh, Priyanka, Jayant know that Modi will win in any case!

Yes, Narendra Modi has made him realize that he will do anything to win UP. This is where the withdrawal of the three agricultural laws means. Actually Narendra Modi and Amit Shah understand what their future is without power. The day the power of Delhi came out of its hands through Lucknow, what would the people and the country do with them?, They understand it. Then there will be neither BJP nor Sangh with them. That’s why they always 2024 to win the Lok Sabha elections of, For which it is necessary that they win the UP elections in any case. Then there is the decision to abolish the agricultural laws. Agricultural law is not meant to please farmers, Rather it is in West Uttar Pradesh to smolder that furnace back., Which cannot be smoldering without Jat. UP election Narendra modi

Understand that for the last two months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, The Yogi Adityanath trio roamed around Uttar Pradesh, fathoming whether people were gearing up for the next Panipat battle of Hindu versus Muslim! only when the by-elections, crowd of people, Insider surveys understand that Hindu vote is daily inflation., petrol-diesel, Farmers are deviated in the narrative and they will not give their vote fighting Muslim, Rather, if you give in to your concern, then Narendra Modi understood the danger. Adani-Ambani and the so-called reform agenda thrown in the dustbin and won the hearts of those Jats ,master stroke, walked, So that Jats can be prepared to smolder West UP.

Means Jats of West UP ,Long live Rama, while muslims ,Allah hu Akbar, Get ready for the battle of the electoral battlefield with the hum of K. because when this happens, How the current is formed in Eastern UP is also the experience of the last elections.

So what is this thing Akhilesh Yadav, Priyanka Gandhi, Jayant Choudhary, Sanjay Singh or Rakesh Tikait got strike, Its difficult. On the contrary, it is possible for Narendra Modi to retreat., In the spirit of victory among the farmers, Akhilesh Yadav sighed, thinking that Modi-Shah, intimidated by the crowd of his rally, had decided to repeal agricultural laws! Meaning they have air in the public and Yogi-Modi will be defeated. So now Samajwadi Party or Akhilesh should be in alliance with other parties or Congress., There is no need to contest with you strategically.

It is only if Modi-Shah will be successful in all three of their objectives. Their first objective is not to allow the formation of an opposition alliance by creating arrogance and arrogance in Akhilesh-Priyanka-Jayant Choudhary and small anti-BJP parties. The second is to cook the communal polarization of votes by igniting the Panipat battle of Hindu versus Muslim. Third goal by winning UP 2024 To completely break the back of the opposition before the general election of

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Notice how the langoori media used rhetoric on the Prime Minister’s decision to pick up the devout Hindus and their pranks., ,master stroke,juggler, And nowhere in Chanakya’s chessboard is it even mentioned that the stubbornness due to which Narendra Modi turned the psychology of Sikhs into a rebel, Hindu vs Sikh knot made in India and abroad, India has been defamed in the civilized society of the world., death to many families, Appetite, What did he throw in the tragedies of the struggle? All that Narendra Modi has given his alleged ,penance, as if wanted to forget from the formula of ,master stroke, If Sher Shah became Sher Shah from the narrative of the wager, it is because he firmly believes that it is a matter of jokes for him to ignite the battle of Panipat whenever he wants!

you don’t think so, I don’t want to believe either. I also write again and again that after living the experience of seven and a half years, how can a common Hindu forget that he was unclaimed-sick and dying in Corona. How will he not remember the plight like petrol-diesel-inflation and unemployment while casting his vote?, How poor people give five kg ration to their poverty and helplessness, And in the bailout of five hundred-thousand-two thousand rupees, he will forget his self-esteem and the darkness of the future while casting his vote.,

But what to do, only the known history of Hindu is here. The forgetfulness of the Hindu and the deceitful living repeatedly in the guise of security-peace while worshiping the king’s lies is a permanent feature of known history. And this is not the real experience of the Jats of western UP during the seven and a half years of Modi rule. Remember how Amit Shah prepared the Jats for the battle of Panipat by earning trust in the safety of daughters-in-law. As a result, Jats and Muslims face to face in West UP. Then what happened in the hate-fight is in everyone’s memory. But what did these Jats experience in return from Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Yogi Adityanath, The world saw Rakesh Tikait weeping. Jat leaders not from Muslims, Rather, there was a threat of life from Modi-Yogi Raj. The heads of Jats were beheaded in Haryana. Me 75 No such time or politics is remembered in the history of independent India over the years., In which such an insult to the Jats, He was ousted and ousted from power as happened during the Modi-Shah regime. Troll army of langurs weeps Tikait and cowardice of Jats and Khalistani of Sikh Jats, Made that claim of being a traitor, His self-esteem-arrogance took such a whiff, Like never before during the independence period of India. Whereas who was the number one runner-up of North India in the alleged Panipat fight to get Modi-Yogi’s rule, Jat!

am i typing wrong, The BJP has defamed the Jats all over the country by saying that the rest of the farmers of the country are good and intelligent., They are not agitating and this agitating is a mawali type of fraternity, Those to whom sticks should be answered with sticks only. bust head!

That’s why it will be interesting to see how Amit Shah helps the Jats of western Uttar Pradesh after the return of agricultural laws., How do you explain to them again that if a Muslim wins, then how will you people live? In a sense, the Gujarati leaders and their favorite Adani-Ambani Seths, who were in power in Delhi, have experienced what the Hindu castes of North India and especially the Jat and peasant population of UP-Haryana-Punjab and Rajasthan have experienced from agricultural laws., the notion that, It is not possible to forget the perception that has been created and the poison that has been sown by the devout Hindus and the slave media. But then it is also true that if Narendra Modi is there then everything is possible!

Modi repels Farm laws

Narendra Modi has made the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah in charge of West UP, so this shows the confidence of both of them that it is not difficult to beat the Jats. Keep in mind that Amit Shah was the party president during the last UP elections. Amit Shah almost single-handedly handled the elections to the Lok Sabha and the last assembly. He is credited for the unprecedented victory of the BJP. This time, just before the return of agricultural laws, Prime Minister JP Nadda, By dividing the responsibility of UP among three leaders, Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah have made Amit Shah only in charge of West UP, then it is obvious that Amit Shah’s role is to make West UP again the epicenter of communal polarization.

And Amit Shah does not fail. As the Home Minister, he can show wonders with the new Brahmastras. It is not impossible that Rakesh Tikait, Jayant Choudhary, Meet faces like Satpal Malik standing at the doors of Amit Shah and giving back to the Jats the knowledge that we have power. Such and such a leader of such and such Khap and so much for him with the belief that Deputy Chief Minister post and ministerial post… Tell me what is needed!

It is believed that last time in UP, the feeling of insecurity was equally spontaneous among Jats and backward castes and farmer-poor due to law and order and Muslim concern. This time he is marginalized by everyday experience. The old instinctive behavior among Jat-Muslims in western UP has returned. It can be broken only when people (Jat) forget the recent experiences of life. s / o, Amit Shah’s success is only when Jat people cry Rakesh Tikait, Forget your insult and start thinking on Muslims.

And he will! Only then agricultural laws have been returned. It is not impossible that by the end of December, Jats will meet again shouting slogans of Amit Shah ki Jai. Those rumblings of Hindu vs Muslim Panipat fight will begin, In which there will be Owaisi on one side and Yogi on the other. Then Akhilesh Yadav, Priyanka, Jayant Choudhary, Sanjay Singh, Rajbhar, no one will understand how to fight if they contest elections.

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