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Water, hops and fermentation of some malted cereal, this is the basis of the beer recipe, one of the most consumed beverages in the world and in Brazil. No wonder beer has a date to call its own, as today, August 6th, we celebrate International Beer Day – in honor of the drink, those who brew and serve it. 

While beer is present at tables in bars, restaurants and at social gatherings, the beer market is on the rise. According to the 2020 Beer Yearbook, there was an increase of 14.4% of registered breweries in Brazil, compared to the previous year. 

In total, there are 1,383 breweries registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) , with at least one brewery in each state of the Union. The success is such that at least 204 new breweries opened in 2020, despite the Covid pandemic. 19 that forced the closure of several companies. 

Against this rise, the beer market also draws attention for its lack of diversity. According to the 1st Census of Brazilian Independent Breweries (2019), by DataSebrae, around 89% of national breweries are run by men, against 11% run by women.

Although there is a small presence of women in the market and beer is historically considered a male drink, women have a strong role in the development of beer – as studies show that a woman was responsible for creating the drink – and also in its consumption. This is what the MindMiners survey points out, which states that 57% of Brazilian women consume alcoholic beverages, and 72% consume beer. 

And anyone who thinks that women don’t understand beer is wrong. Today, there are numerous master brewers who brew, teach about, discuss and evaluate the best beers produced. 

To break with this exclusionary market, some women created their own breweries and beers. This is the case of Cervejaria Dádiva, created in 2014 in Várzea Paulista, São Paulo, by Luiza Lugli Tolosa. In a few years in the market, the brewery has already become a reference in the area and this year it was named the best brewery in Brazil by Rate Beer , a website that for 20 years has produced a ranking of the best breweries in the world. 

Women are increasingly present in the beer market! For this reason, Guia da Cozinha has set aside a few more breweries and beers created by women for you to discover and enjoy. See below: 

Women conquer the beer market

Goose Island Sisterhood

Created in 2017 by Beatriz Ruiz, manager of brewing knowledge at Ambev, Goose Island Sisterhood is a project that relies on female participation in all beer production processes. Each of the brotherhood’s beers bears the name of an important woman in the country’s history. Among them are Carolina, Enedina, Nísia, Helo, Kitty, Giu, Sueli and Luz beers.

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In addition to producing beers, the Goose Island Sisterhood also offers a course that teaches women how to make homemade beers.

Gift brewery

Maria Bravura Special Beers

Macuco beer

Japanese Brewery

Teresense Brewery

Femme Craft Beer

Benedict Beer

So, did you get excited to celebrate International Beer Day with your favorite beer? Post on social networks and check the Kitchen Guide!

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