Divyam Agarwal – An Exceptional Entrepreneur helping Artists to rise to the top

In today’s day and age being an entrepreneur is the latest trend. Many youths of the nation have chosen a career in business even if they do not come from a business family. So why are people being tempted to choose to be an entrepreneur instead of the variety of other jobs out there? Well first of all the most obvious reason is the benefits it offers. Being a business owner, the world is your oyster. No fixed work hours, no boss to report to you, and freedom which can only be enjoyed in entrepreneurship. Secondly, the profits that come from beings a successful businessman are absolutely phenomenal. Think about it for a second. You will realize that all of the world’s richest people are entrepreneurs.

However, it is very easy to say something and not put it into action. As much as it is beneficial, running a successful business also demands great effort and investment both in terms of money and time. Many people who have the capacity to excel give up halfway because of these hurdles. This is where Divyam Agarwal comes in. Divyam Agarwal is a proficient digital marketer specializing in social media management as well as artist promotion. He has showcased all his talents in his venture Deevs Mp3. With a monthly turnover of almost a million dollars, Deevs Mp3 is an affiliate to some of the biggest names of the entertainment industry of present-day India.

Divyam Agarwal was born in the year 2001 in the city of Bareilly and had always had a passion for entrepreneurship. To date, he has served more than 100 thousand followers with Deevs Mp3’s services. Their client consists of influencers, politicians, singers, YouTubers, and other public figures who were to get verified on Instagram and maintain a strong online presence on other social media platforms. Some of the biggest names that he has worked with to date are Sameeksha Sud, Ibrahim Soul, Anjali Kapoor, Armaan, Divyanka Sirohi, Bihari Ladka, Aarti Arora, Karan Ahuja, and many more.

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On the more musical side of things, Divyam Agarwal has been a part of several musical productions, and this singlehandedly responsible for the successful debut of many a rising artist. Divyam Agarwal’s sheer skill and his readiness to help people out is one of the biggest reasons why he keeps getting clients. Apart from that, his customers themselves provide testimonials on the efficacy of his methods. If you wish to be a part of the Deevs Mp3 team.

Follow Divyam Agarwal on Instagram: @i.am.deevs

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