Do you know about the graveyard of planes, if not then read the report…

Arizona. America Airport Arizona Aircraft : A cemetery of planes has been built in Arizona, USA. This desert plain spread over 2600 acres has been made the biggest parking of aircraft. Spacecraft have also been kept along with the airplanes. Let us tell you that this ground, known as Boneyard, is known as the graveyard of planes these days. From many US transport aircraft to fighter aircraft, UABs and aircraft used during World War II have also been kept here.

Airport Arizona Aircraft

what do these planes do

America Airport Arizona Aircraft : The US Air Force’s 390 Aerospace Maintenance and Registration Group is fully responsible for the maintenance of the plane’s cemetery. It is used by the US Air Force to remove parts and repair work of aircraft is also done here. It is possible to repair planes, they are rebuilt and made capable of flying. Along with this, their spare parts are taken out and supplied all over the world. This scene is unique in itself and its pictures are becoming viral in social media these days.

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You will be surprised to know the price

America Airport Arizona Aircraft: Knowing the cost of eating this junk, you may also be shocked. It is said that if big planes are sold here only by weight, then its price will be around 35 billion dollars. Not only this, the number of mechanics working here day and night is also close to eight hundred. If you are still not able to get an idea about it, then let us tell you that this is such a big ground that 2000 football fields can be made in it.

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