Dolo 650: Made the Manufacturer a Billionaire in Short Time

From the beginning of the COVID-19 era, people are taking DOLO 650 as their lifesaver. After vaccination also, as a pain killer this medicine is being used in a large amount. The tablet is manufactured by Bengaluru-based Micro Labs Ltd They sold more than 350 crore pills from March 2020.

They made a turnover of Rs 307 crore in 2021.

Dolo is just a general painkiller that helps in normal pain and ache and hence the tablet is getting on the trending page of Twitter as well.

Apart from the DOLO, Calpol had a turnover of Rs 310 crore which is also great!

India sold nearly 7.5 crore strips of Dolo before the pandemic and now it grew up to 350 crores.

Vedant Dave

Co-Founder at People News Chronicle

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