Drowning remains of graduate student Zengwen Reservoir finally found

Police officers searched for the drowning of a graduate student in the Lakeside Park of Zengwen Reservoir in Dapu Township, Chiayi County. Police officers tried their best to search for the second day. Today (12th) the body of the graduate student was finally found at around 2pm. The police reported to the prosecutor for an examination.

The Chiayi County Fire Department pointed out that a graduate student surnamed Lin went to the Lakeside Park next to the Zengwen Reservoir in Dapu Township on a motorcycle with his classmates at around 4 pm yesterday. He was suspected to be missing after picking up his mobile phone accidentally and falling into the water. 

Due to the turbid water quality of the reservoir and poor visibility, the search and rescue work was extremely difficult. The person was not found until this afternoon, but unfortunately he drowned.

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The Zhongpu Branch of Chiayi County pointed out that the Zengwen Reservoir is currently close to its full water level. Due to the rising water level of the reservoir in Dapu Township Lakeside Park, more than half of the area is immersed in water, with a water depth of 1 to 2 meters. 

Based on safety considerations, the Dapu Township Office closed the lakeside park a few days ago to prohibit people from entering. Drowning graduate students should have entered from a side road. Unfortunately, an accident occurred.

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