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It is not that India is only hit by the corona virus. India’s economy was mite before the origin of corona virus, Which has made its roots hollow. Corona accelerated this process further. Basically the foundation of India’s economy 2016 the decision of demonetisation and 2017 With the implementation of GST in July, it started getting hollow. Corona virus came from above and ruined the economy. The aspects of the country’s economy that Narendra Modi had made an election issue as the Chief Minister of Gujarat are in bad shape today. Two waves of corona virus one after the other put the country’s economy in such a crisis, which she cannot overcome.

The economy has been hit by a virus of ignorance and arrogance. developed and civilized of the world, Like democratic countries, no effort was made to provide direct financial help during the Corona epidemic in India. Financial help was also not given to small and medium industries nor was cash money given to common citizens. Even during that crisis, the government kept entangled the people in the debt trap. 2021 The year was also very heavy on the people because the government kept increasing the tax on fuel., Due to which all-round inflation increased. The government imposed the lockdown without any thought and did not take any measures to provide economic relief to the people and left people to die in the second wave of the pandemic.

As prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi had pointed out the shortcomings of the economy and promised to fix them, all of them got worse during his tenure. He had said that as the value of rupee falls, so does the prestige of the country. Modi and BJP leaders had also said that the depreciating rupee against the dollar is approaching the age of the prime minister. This was a taunt about the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But today the rupee is at a historic low against the dollar. In the last seven years after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, in the value of rupees 22 Rupee has declined. a dollar that 2014 In 54 today was Rs. 76 Rupees and has officially surpassed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s age by four points. of asia 48 India is the only country among the countries, Where the currency has depreciated so much. But now the prestige of the country is not falling due to its fall.

Modi had raised the issue of petrol and diesel prices at that time and insisted that the price of one liter of petrol if the government wanted 40-50 Rupees can be a litre. But under his rule the price of both the fuels reached above one hundred rupees per liter. When the government increased the excise duty on diesel by more than six hundred percent, the excise duty on petrol also increased by more than two hundred percent. The proportion in which the prices of crude oil fell in the international market, In the same proportion, their prices in India increased. The price rise has stopped due to elections, so the prices of PNG and CNG are increasing. The price of LPG cylinder has reached up to Rs.

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