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The educational government of Misiones began with the delivery of uniforms to all non-teaching personnel in the province’s schools. In Posadas, the provincial school 813 “Riveras del Paraná” was the headquarters of the first operation where porters and cooks from the establishments of Zone 1 appeared.

The event was led by the president of the General Council of Education (CGE), Alberto “Colita” Galarza, who stressed that the delivery is part of a commitment made by the governor himself, Oscar Herrera Ahuad.

The uniforms delivered consist of shirts, pants, boots and sweaters, specially designed for the job. Additionally, trade trainings were announced for next year.

“Fulfilling a mandate from Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad to deliver uniforms to all service personnel in the province. This is the first delivery, we have established a delivery logistics throughout the province ”, Galarza said.

The official stressed that the province offers workers the necessary inputs to carry out their work safely in all schools.

“And we are also fulfilling part of an agreement that we have made with the unions, which is to provide all staff with clothing,” he stressed.

Galarza also pondered that the 300 porters who were incorporated this year received their clothing and also, at the instruction of Governor Herrera Ahuad, 160 cooks were added.

Galarza also spoke about what is coming for the schools in the province and announced that one of the goals is to continue with the process of repairing the school buildings during the coming year.

“The expectation we have is that the schools can continue to be repaired. Last year we intervened 700 schools with minor repairs to sanitary, water, electricity and today we meet again with the Government of the Province to deepen this process, incorporating those schools that we had not yet incorporated ”, he explained.

The meeting was attended by the president of the CGE, the Minister of Employment and Labor, Silvana Giménez; the provincial deputies, Martin Cesino and Rossana Franco; the Coordinator of the Posadas University Agency, Carlos Vigo; the Assistant Secretary for Technical Education, Gilson Berger; the Coordinator of Innovation and Disruptive Education, Aníbal Arroyos; the Director of School Nutrition, Gabriela Reyna Allan; the Deputy Secretary of the Non-Teaching Union, Judith Meza; the Head of the Office of the Maintenance, Production and Services Directorate, Néstor Salinas; the Coordinator of Educational Planning, Dante Genessini, the teacher, Jacinto Cabral; the Head of Heritage, Lucía Gauto; the CGE Vocal, Miguel Pintos, supervisors, managers, service personnel and cooks.


This evaluation process began today and will end tomorrow. Fifty primary-level schools participate along with another 50 from the secondary level, selected randomly, explained the undersecretary of the Ministry of Education of Misiones, Rosana Cielo Linares, and clarified that both public and private management establishments were selected.

“We are looking to see what the learning achievements were during this time of pandemic; From the outset, we are not going for the deficit but for what has been achieved ”, advancement. Based on the results of these provincial tests, we will proceed to determine what content should be prioritized in the educational curriculum in the next school year 2022.

Assessments are given to students in the 4th grade at the primary level and the 3rd grade at the secondary level. Linares explained that these tests will seek to clarify “What is missing in teaching and where should the focus be placed?”, In the 2022 school year.

This type of test is not standardized, but it does include a series of questions based on the content dictated in the province. “For us, this process is historical and has a special relevance because it refers to a procedure that we design and continually validate with teams of supervisors and managers “, said the undersecretary.

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