EFA students can now register for the Progresar Scholarship

The first stage of registration for the Progresar Scholarships is available until January 31, while the second stage will begin in March. The scholarship is intended for young people aged 16 and 17 who meet the following requirements: be a native or naturalized Argentine, whose family group does not exceed the amount of three minimum wages, and who study or return to school, he specified.

Those who apply during January will be able to receive two more months of the scholarship, while those who register in March will receive payment from that month, he explained.

“We are carrying out operations with the Youth directorates of each municipality, this month we are going to prioritize the areas that have EFAs, who will be registered in the Municipality,” he specified.

“The benefit is further expanded because we incorporate the Farm Family Schools, which are privately managed, this is very good news for the rural sector of the province,” he assured, adding that the incentive of 5,200 pesos not only helps sustain schooling, but also “indicates the expansion of the rights policy,” said Linares.

He also pointed out that the scholarship will benefit 3,000 young people aged 16 and 17 who attend the Farm Family Schools, “the goal is to reach everyone” because it is ensured that they can complete their compulsory studies and continue their training, since the The scholarship not only points to the completion of compulsory studies, but also to the life project in terms of higher education, said the official.

Interested parties may register through the Progress Scholarships page, or at the Student Policies Department of the Undersecretary of Education, channels through which all queries about the process and the corresponding procedure are assisted, he indicated.

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