Elections and promises in Punjab are promises!

Keeping in mind the assembly elections in Punjab to be held next year, Arvind Kejriwal, while addressing his election rally in Moga, said that if his party comes to power, it will deposit every month in the account of every female voter who is above 18 years of age in the state. 1000 will be deposited. The national convener of the party is making various promises to please the farmers-dominated state of Punjab. punjab assembly election 2022

The biggest feature of our democracy is that during the elections, our leaders make various promises to please the voters, due to which a large part of the government’s income from tax is spent on fulfilling the promises and All development activities come to a standstill.

I remember that when the late Devi Lal started the war of justice inside Haryana, he used to talk about giving a pension of Rs 200 per month to the elderly. He used to say in public meetings that when every old man of the village will get a pension of 200 rupees, then when he wants, he will be able to go to the shop with his pension and eat jalebi milk. He doesn’t have to depend on children to get his glasses made. He wanted to increase the self-esteem of the destitute elderly by giving this amount so that they could feel financially strong too. This amount was considered sufficient for them at that time.

Once when journalists asked him from where would you get the money to pay this pension, he gave a very strange argument. He was also announcing to waive all government loans of farmers. He said that as soon as I come to power, I will get a paper written on it that all the loans of farmers will be waived, when Devilal was asked whether he had imagined that how much money of the government would be lost due to so many loan waivers. And from where will its supply come, then he said as soon as he left – it is the job of IAS officers to see this. All the IAS are below the Chief Minister. The chief minister’s job is to take decisions. It is the responsibility of the IAS officers to implement them. That is why they are given this officer. They will find a way, what do I have to do with this?

Then it was like a flood of distributing the reward to the voters. In Tamil Nadu to the south, Ms. Jayalalithaa gifted women from mangalsutras to mixies, TVs, saris during elections. They also got benefit in their election. Along with giving cheap flour and rice, he started all the shops selling idli dosa cheaply so that the voter could be kept happy. It also got them electoral benefits. With the changing times, Akhilesh made promises to give laptops to students in Uttar Pradesh and bicycles to girls in some states to go to school if he won the election.

Now AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has made a wonderful promise to woo the voters keeping Punjab elections in mind. At present, his party is the main opposition party and due to the misfortune of the Congress and the farmers’ displeasure with the BJP, he feels that if he is successful in wooing the voters, then this time his government will be formed outside Delhi in Punjab also.

Keeping in mind the assembly elections to be held in Punjab next year, he addressed his election rally in Moga and said that if his party comes to power, he will give 1000 rupees every month to the account of every woman who is above 18 years of age in the state. Will submit. The national convener of the party has been making various promises to please the farmer-dominated state of Punjab. Even before that, all the governments announced all kinds of state assistance to make the farmers happy.

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Waiver of electricity bills of farmers. Gave them electricity at cheap rates, provided seeds and fertilizers. It is pertinent to recall here that Punjab is still going through a heavy debt burden despite the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao waiving off thousands of crores of central government loans. Before Congress came to power, it was ruled by Akali Dal. During its 10-year rule, the Akali Dal inflicted a debt of 2.29 lakh on the state, which is estimated to reach Rs 2.98 lakh.

Recall that in 2019-20, the state debt was 39.9 percent of its total GDP, which is Rs 5.74 lakh crore. It is necessary to think that why did Arvind Kejriwal make such a promise? Recall that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the number of women voters in the state was 96.19 lakh. The voter list for 2022 is yet to come. AAP estimates that making this promise will be able to attract around one crore women voters. The direct meaning of giving 1000 rupees to the woman every month means that she will have to distribute an amount of about 12000 crores annually.

Now let’s look at the financial condition of the state. The total income of the state during the current financial year is expected to be 1.62 lakh crores while its total expenditure during this period is expected to be Rs 1.68 crores. He also has to repay a loan of Rs 38000 crore. Where will the money come from after that? When asked, Arvind Kejriwal says that no government is short of money. The government should know how to raise and spend money for good. If you take steps that are good for the people, then there is no shortage of money.

In the budget of 2021-22, the current Congress government has announced to give various types of subsidies to farmers, various industries and disadvantaged communities. This amount is estimated to increase from Rs.9394 crore to Rs.10,621 crore as compared to last year. In view of the elections, Chief Minister Channi has also cut the electricity prices of domestic consumers substantially. Due to this an additional expenditure of Rs 33,000 crore has increased on the government. Apart from this, due to reduction in central excise duty on fuel, the government is reading to bear an additional burden of Rs 850 crore. From where will all these debts be met? This vexing question is emerging and standing in front of the government.

In the budget of 2021-22, the present government has promised free electricity to farmers at a cost of Rs 7140 crore. The pension of Rs 750 given every month under social security has also been increased to Rs 1500. Apart from this, from July 1, an additional expenditure of Rs 4000 crore has started on the government. Apart from this, the state government is spending Rs 2148 crore on the schemes of cleaning every house, water, every house.

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