Ella Leyers: “Dennis Black Magic once called me from prison… For a role”

Ella Leyers plays in the series a slightly unhinged radio DJ who does not look at a controversy more or less.

P#rn movie

Therefore, some controversial topics are also touched upon in the interview. For example, the series kicks off with some tweets about the main character such as ‘I’d rather stick my dick in a toaster than that bitch’. That lights up a light for Anemone Valcke (30), her co-star in ‘Storm Lara’: “Someone recently asked me to play in his porn film. He was referring to a private production with the two of us. I just shared that message on social media.”

Ella eagerly picks up on this. “Dennis Black Magic once called me from prison. For a role, yes. In the film about his life then in the making, not one of the more specialized kind. Unfortunately!”

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The Demarez . case

The Eddy Demarez case is also discussed in the interview. “It won’t take long before we live in Nazi Germany online. An iron law of the internet: sooner or later someone will involve Hitler,” says the Antwerp actress.

Ethan Hansen

Ethan Hansen founded snewslog which was lately acquired by People News Chronicle.

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