Emicida talks about an authorial series composed mostly by a black team: ‘I get emotional’

Emicida talks about an authorial series composed mostly by a black team: 'I get emotional'

With more than two decades of career, Emicida shows Brazil the skills of a multifaceted artist. In August, the rapper premiered the series “O Enigma da Energia Escura” , produced by Evandro Fióti . In Conversa com Bial this Wednesday, 1/9, the brothers talk about the backstage of the plot and the importance of representation and racial awareness.

The series is also directed by Day Rodrigues , director of “Mulheres Negras – Projetos de Mundo”, Emílio Domingos , director of the documentary film “Favela é Moda” , and Mariana Luiza, director of the short film “Cascas de baobá” . For Emicida , the choice of black people on the team was “inevitable towards this expansion of Brazil’s perception of itself”.

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“I know the country I was born in, I know how unequal and how perverse this inequality can be. I know that a life like my life, without the spotlights that accompany me, can do very little on the streets of Brazil. So I’m flattered and thrilled to be able to reach such an important place of visibility and reference that it allows me to open up possibilities for other people elsewhere in this chain to open their voices.”

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