Entire Rajasthan is in the grip of scorching heat, there is a possibility of further increase in temperature

Jaipur. The whole of Rajasthan is in the grip of severe heat these days, where the night temperature is also being recorded up to 31.1 ° C. The department has given According to the Meteorological Center located in Jaipur, the ongoing ‘Loo’ phase in the state will continue for the next three-four days. Although a circulation system is prevailing over West Rajasthan, the chances of thunderstorm and rain are very less due to lack of moisture in the air. According to the Meteorological Center, on May 1, the maximum temperature is likely to be recorded somewhere around 45 to 47 degree Celsius in the districts of Jodhpur and Bikaner divisions of the state.

At the same time, from May 2, a new Western Disturbance is active over the state, on May 2-3, some parts of western and northern Rajasthan will receive thunderstorms with strong wind speed reaching 40-50 kmph and lightening at isolated places. There is a possibility of rain. The Meteorological Center said that due to the Western Disturbance, there is a strong possibility of a drop of 2-3 degrees Celsius in the maximum temperature at most places of the state from May 3 and some relief from the heat wave.

Last night, the capital Jaipur recorded 31.1 degrees, Bundi 31.2 degrees, Ajmer 30.5 degrees and Banswara 30.3 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the day temperature remains around 45 degree Celsius in most parts of the state.

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