“ESI is our task”, the self-assisted course with assessment that is available on the Guacurarí Platform

This course was worked on jointly with the ICT Directorate of the Ministry, headed by Alejandra Pacheco. “One of the objectives of the Platform is to be a virtual space for free training for all teachers in the province, part of the bets we have been making for years in terms of educational innovation,” he says. esi

You can access it through the following link and the courses can be found in #AulasAbiertas without the need for a username and password.

The course covers ESI in the Initial, primary and secondary levels, and seeks to provide tools for the development of didactic proposals from the articulated view of the five conceptual axes of ESI. Those who complete it will know the normative framework and its articulation with other resolutions and norms, will recognize the entry doors for the approach of the different axes and will acquire the competences for the design and development of didactic proposals that articulate the ESI with curricular contents of different subjects.

“ESI is our task” is the title of one of the self-assisted courses currently available in #AulasAbiertas of the Guacurarí Platform.

This is a proposal part of the actions that from the Comprehensive Sex Education Program they are carried out in pursuit of guaranteeing the right of boys, girls and adolescents to receive Comprehensive Sexual Education in our province, in compliance with National Law No. 26,150.

Last Friday, throughout the country, the Days of Prevention and Eradication of the Gender Violence, sanctioned by Law No. 27,234, also an obligation for all schools, of all levels and modalities.

Professor Olga Ferreyra, jurisdictional reference of the ESI, shares that “The law supports us and legitimizes us, obliges us, to address comprehensive sexual education in all schools. And this obligation is for all schools, whether they are state-run or privately run, since it is a right of all students ”. We also worked with referents of the National Plan for the Prevention of Unintentional Pregnancy in Adolescence for the selection, elaboration and curation of content.

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