Even in this era, ‘Shravan Kumar’, sitting on the shoulder of the father, kept on carrying the son for 6 hours to get the vaccine.

New Delhi | Social Media Viral Photo : In India, Shravan Kumar has always been presented as a Yug Purush. In today’s era, where people are throwing parents out of the house, in such a situation, Shravan Kumar is really a role model. These days, one such Brazilian Shravan Kumar is being shared a lot in social media. It has been told that a young man living in Amazon, Brazil is trending in social media these days. This young man walked in the forest for several hours with his elderly father on his back so that his father could be vaccinated. This photo has been viewed millions of times on Instagram so far and has also been shared and liked by many people.

The doctor only took the picture…

Social Media Viral Photo : This picture was first posted by Dr Eric Jennings Simos on his Instagram channel. He told that he took this picture when he went to a village in Brazil for vaccination. A young man living there was seen bringing his father sitting on his back. When he came to know that he has reached here after about 6 hours of hard work, the doctors could not stop themselves from taking his picture. The doctor told that the name of this young man is Tawi and his father’s name is Wahoo.

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1 year old photo

Social Media Viral Photo : This picture is 1 year old, but to make people aware about the vaccine, the doctor has posted it on Instagram on January 1, 2022. Doctor Eric told that now the father of this young man has died but what he did for his father is a role model for the world. He had come to his father to get the corona vaccine when his father was 67 years old and he could not see properly and could not even walk. When this picture came on social media, people are now appreciating that young man fiercely.

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