Fake Kejriwal, Fake Modi!

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, after announcing several free schemes and distributing cash in Punjab, said that he is the real Kejriwal and he does not have any other branch. He cautioned people about Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi saying that a fake Kejriwal is roaming around. In fact, Channi is also announcing to give many things to the people for free. Due to this Kejriwal got hurt and stating his copyright on free distribution, said that beware of fake Kejriwal. Fake Kejriwal Fake Modi

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After this, people on social media started appealing to Kejriwal to be careful by calling him a fake Modi. People said that there is copyright of BJP and Narendra Modi on religion and Hindu politics, which is being violated by Kejriwal. The BJP has the first right on the politics of Ayodhya, but Kejriwal is forcibly infiltrating it and is promising free travel to Ayodhya for people from Delhi to Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand. That’s why he is a fake Modi. So, the debate of fake Kejriwal and fake Modi is going on.

Shivam Bangwal

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