Famous hairstylist Javed Habib cut the hair of a woman by spitting, the video went viral in social media …

New Delhi | Hair Stylish Jawed Habib : Javed Habib’s name is known as the biggest hair stylist of the country. What is the dream of many youths to get a haircut from Javed? A video of famous hair stylist Javed is becoming increasingly viral in social media. In this video, Javed Habib is seen cutting the hair of a woman. This video looks like some program because a large number of spectators are also sitting while cutting hair. As a hair stylist, you will find many such videos on the internet. But the reason for being about this video is something else. The reason for the video going viral is that Javed is seen spitting on the hair while cutting the woman’s hair.

Now I will not get Javed done hair…

Hair Stylish Jawed Habib : The video is being told of Muzaffar Nagar. The woman whose hair Javed is seen cutting in the video is Pooja Gupta, who hails from Baraut (Baghpat). The woman alleges that Javed cut her hair by spitting on her forehead, which was very indecent behavior. A video of Pooja Gupta has also gone viral in which she is saying that she will get a haircut on the road but will never go to Javed.

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case of seminar

Hair Stylish Jawed Habib : Pooja Gupta told that a seminar was organized in Muzaffarnagar. Pooja said that she went to meet the famous Javed, who runs a beauty parlor. He said that it was a kind of coincidence that Javed called me on stage to learn the skills of cutting hair. But I did not know that he would do such indecency with me.

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