Fans worshiped Sonu Sood by making an idol, the actor said “I am not worthy of it”

Friends, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has now become the most favorite actor all over India. No other actor has done the way he has contributed in helping people in the Corona era. For this reason, the fan following of Sonu Sood has become much more than the rest of the actors. Not only this, but people are also very fond of Sonu Sood’s acting as he plays every character with full devotion.

The film Acharya has been released in theaters on 29 April. The film stars Ramcharan, Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal, Pooja Hegde and Sonu Sood. The film is getting good response since its release. The film was shot in lockdown itself. Some changes were made in one scene of the film after the lockdown. Sonu Sood is getting a lot of church in the film.

There is a crowd of people outside the cinema halls to watch the film. The audience is very fond of Sonu Sood’s character in the film. You can get an idea of ​​this by watching this video. A scene of Sonu Sood is shown in the film where he comes in slow motion, seeing this, the audience sitting in the theater starts shouting after seeing him. This video has been shared by Sonu Sood himself from his social media.

While sharing the video, Sonu Sood wrote, ‘Many thanks to the lovely viewers whom I proudly call my family. Thank you for doing all this for me. I don’t deserve that much love. Your love inspires me to do better. love u all’. The work done by Sonu Sood by the Kovid epidemic was really commendable. Sonu Sood did that work which is not everyone’s business to do.

In films, Sanu often appeared in the role of villain. While giving an interview to a newspaper, Sonu Sood had said that before the Kovid epidemic, only negative roles were offered to him, now he has started getting positive roles too. Sonu Sood’s villain identity has changed as a hero and even if it is so, why he did the work as a real hero.

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