Farmers win or Modi loses but media wins!

Electronic as well as a large section of the print media consistently supported the stand of the Central Government regarding the farmers’ movement, but it seems equally true that a small section of media has continuously raised voice in support of the said movement. Showed a kind of bravery to do it, which required enough courage, and a sense of responsibility. Kishan andolan farmer protest

Sweat Modern’s words regarding the withdrawal of agricultural laws again proved to be true. This great thinker had said that until the doomsday comes, the inevitability of two things will always remain. Sweat Modern had told the first of these essentials to sunlight, and the second to independent journalism, the press or the media. It is true that a large section of electronic as well as print media has consistently supported the stand of the Central Government regarding the farmers’ movement, but it seems equally true that only a small section of media has supported the said movement. Showed a kind of bravery to raise voice consistently, which required enough courage and sense of responsibility.

We will talk about other facts later, but how would the country and the world know that more than seven hundred farmers lost their lives in this movement, although they do not find any evidence of excess or Kovid 19 being infected. It is true that the police used sticks on the farmers, put barricades to stop them, even hammered nails on the way. Going into the history of the said farmers’ movement that is almost a year old, then it will be known that even in the dreadful era of Corona, only a block of media was giving it. You must have also noticed that 22 or 23 year old girls were reporting on the ground or spot without helmets or other safety equipment.

If people got this information from various channels that the police did the wrong thing like throwing heavy water cannons on farmers’ women, children and elderly people in the cold or rain, then only the media showed this, and the media itself did the last 26 January. The incident of humiliating the country from the Red Fort, and also showed the scenes of sword fighting on the streets of New Delhi. Even today, the soul trembles to think that when many farmers had broken down on the police, then not a single hot-blooded policeman gave his If the trigger (horse) of the state-of-the-art rifle would have been suppressed, what would have happened.

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The basic mantra of media is that not everything is written openly. The reader or the audience understands the language of gestures better. That is why the media had given a top warning that there should be no second Jallianwala Bagh massacre on 26th January. What could be a greater proof of the restraint, and decency of the government, the local administration, and the entire media world? Remember, one day during the movement, the farmer union leader Rakesh Singh Tikait started crying from the stage after getting emotional. The crows who lied bite. A lady studio journalist of a leading channel even laughed at the said elderly leader, but the Haryanvi or Sikh farmers, known for their anger, also showed full understanding and responsibility even at such a critical time.

A woman central minister even called the farmers mawali, but then Rakesh Singh Tikait, acting with sufficient nobility, forced the said woman minister to withdraw her words. Yes, due to such cases, the said movement got more momentum. Other farmers also joined him, but neither the Congress, nor the Left, nor any other regular movement JV could take advantage of it. Whether it is victory or defeat, the credit should be given only and only to the farmers. In many villages of western Uttar Pradesh, no BJP leader was even allowed to enter. This spot report was also covered by a veteran TV journalist, wasn’t it? And, the analysis of the reasons for the overall defeat of the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat elections and the recent Assembly by-elections was also allegedly done by Modi or Godi Media. Those who know the natural skill of selling themselves in the market, because of them, one remembers a dirty fish proverb in the context of defaming the entire media. Magsaysay award winning journalists really brought laurels to the country but why do they blame Modi on every issue? Who are these people who are advising people that you pick up your TV sets and throw them outside the house. The fun is that it was because of TV journalism that he got so much fame. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, pollution, health, let alone such cruel atrocities are committed against women in the country that even a common man would lose his senses. A small section of the media gave this news of western Maharashtra, which was approved by the government in the Parliament.

It was the print media who gave this factual news and not who had dumped the dead from Kovid 19 in the rivers. This is not about the Hindi belt, but from Gujarat to far south India. Despite the break in Corona in the spread of all non-Hindi language newspapers and magazines, there has been a boom again. Those who do not call print media for sale, they should once again pay attention to a natural weakness of this media. And that is how many people are there who read newspapers by spending money out of pocket. Either they wait for the neighboring newspaper to be empty or they read the newspaper at the tea stall at the crossroads. one more thing. A complete daily is available for three or four rupees, but by the time the reader comes home, it is worth about eight rupees. This financial gap has to be bridged by the newspaper management through government and non-government advertisements. As far as the foreign media is concerned, there is a lack of knowledge in the bones of the people to know the truth. They don’t need any advertisement. Emergency lasted about 21 months. Then the voice of the media was declared closed, but even in that dark age, all the atrocities were brought out by the media and the then Prime Minister, who is considered to be the Iron Lady, was called. Even Indira Gandhi was compelled to lift the Emergency, return the freedom of the press and hold the Lok Sabha elections, in which the Congress had to face defeat with her.

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